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Heating controls have changed a lot in recent years and there are now more ways than ever to control the heating in your home. If you want to take more control of your heating and overall energy consumption, you may want to consider installing a smart meter. However, if you just want to update your traditional home thermostat, we can help with that too.
Summer has set, we’re moving towards the cooler months and now’s the time we tend to start turning on our central heating. As we turn our boilers back on and fire up our radiators, we can easily take for granted the warmth that they provide and forget to ensure we do what we can to help them run properly. There are a few things you can do around the home to prevent your boiler or central heating encountering problems and prevent any faults. Read on to find out what they are!
Like most pieces of equipment, boilers are unfortunately likely to break down on some occasions. They are complex machines built from multiple parts, some of which are quite delicate and even the slightest bit of soot buildup can stop them from functioning properly.
We advise all our customers to have their boilers serviced annually, however, we do get several customers ask us why. Annual boiler servicing is important to keep your boiler working safely and efficiently. But there are also a few other reasons that you may not be aware of which we have outlined below.
We get multiple plumbing call outs from customers experiencing plumbing issues with their bathroom. These include low water pressure, blocked toilets and slow draining sinks. But many of these can be prevented by keeping on top of your bathrooms’ upkeep.
Sometimes it’s not until our boiler completely breaks down that we consider installing a new one. However, to avoid the stress of having to wait until its completely broken down, here are a few signs to look out for which may indicate it’s time replace your current boiler for a new one.
If your boiler needs replacing, it may be because it has broken down unexpectantly and you don’t have the funds to hand to pay for a replacement. This is more often than not the case for many of our customers. This is why we set up a range of finance options that our customers can choose from to help ease the financial burden of having a new boiler installed.


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