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The type of air conditioning system you need will entirely depend on the type of property you have. Many people believe that central air conditioning systems are the best but that’s not always the truth. Take a look at the differences between the two systems and which one will work best for you.

Portable Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioning works best for smaller spaces. For instance, if you’re looking for air conditioning for a small apartment, portable air conditioning will be the best option for you. They’re easy to clean and maintain and they don’t take up much space.

They’re also energy efficient in comparison to larger centralized systems and the cost is much lower. However, the cooling power of a portable air conditioning system doesn’t compare to that of a centralized system.

Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioning system aims to cool multiple rooms at the same time. These are ideal for larger homes or commercial properties. Although they cost more than a portable unit, their cooling power is greater. Central ACs are duct mounted so your property will need to have ductwork in place.

Central air conditioning units are now more energy efficient than ever so although they can be expensive to install, they’re often seen as an investment rather than a purchase. 

Which Is Best For You?

If you’re still wondering which air conditioning unit is best for you, it can help to get a professional opinion. At Horsforth Heating Solutions, we’re happy to help you make your decision. Call us today on 0113 805 1011.